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Discussion created by chris_balcom on Jul 16, 2013
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Hi DESIGNrev users,


My colleague Saunder has been looking into several ideas for Tcl scripts that run in DESIGNrev. We’re wondering if any of the following topics would be of interest to folks here in the Calibre Communities. If you see something you think would be useful for you or someone else would you let us know by posting a response to this thread? If any of these generate interest then we will finish them up and share them with the community.


NOTE: another use for scripts like these are to use as a base to make changes to, and accomplish something slightly different you may be interested in. These kinds of scripts can be very easy to modify and also very easy to use in DESIGNrev.


  1. 1.      Get the total area of selected polygons.

  2. 2.      Save the current DESIGNrev window view in a png format.

  3. 3.      Create overlay and open RVE to view the XOR results in one step

  4. 4.      Compare 2 DRC sets of results.

  5. 5.      Get database’s information without opening the design ( such as, cellnames, Topcells, precisions…etc)

  6. 6.      Rename a list of cells to avoid conflict on cellnames

  7. 7.      Change the database format from GDS to OASIS file

  8. 8.      Create your own DESIGNrev Macro’s menu


Reply to this post to let us know which of these capabilities would be valuable to have and we’ll work on making those scripts available first.

Best regards,
Chris & Saunder