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    How to work with textColl




      I'm trying to modify text angle on a user layer.


      After creating text collection with this:


         Set textsColl = docObj.UserLayerTexts(epcbSelectAll,ulayerToProcess,True)


      I want to change text orientation:


      If Format.Orientation = 0 Or Format.Orientation = 180 Then

        If Not Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 0.0 Then

        Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 0.0

        End If


        If Not Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 90 Then

        Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 90

        End If

      End If


      Error message: object required Format.Orientation


      Thanks for your help



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          you need to iterate through your collection of text items and do your work on that specific item so roughly


          foreach textItem ti in textsColl


          ti.format.orientation = x



          very rough example.

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            Hi Andrew,


            Thanks, in fact I missed to  Set textFormatObj = textObj.Format


              Set textsColl = docObj.UserLayerTexts(epcbSelectAll, "PartLabelTop", True)

              For Each textObj In textsColl

               Set textFormatObj = textObj.Format


              ' Change text orientation to 0 or 90 deg.

              If textFormatObj.Orientation = 0 Or textFormatObj.Orientation = 180 Then

               If Not  textFormatObj.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 0.0 Then

                 textFormatObj.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 0.0

               End If


               If Not  textFormatObj.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 90 Then

                 textFormatObj.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees) = 90

               End If

              End If


            It works now