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PADS Layout pdf output

Question asked by rceragioli on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by rceragioli

I have been trying to get pdfs out of PADS Layout that contain what I want, but I am having major issues.

When I try to get a page with everything on the top silk layer, it seems that I can get all of the component ref des, attributes, plus free text & 2D lines, but not the component outlines.

Or, vice versa-I get component outlines, but none of the other items.

Also, I can't get all of the part outlines to appear.

The same part type, placed 4 times on the board, will appear in 2 locations, but not the other two.

The part is there-the pads are there, and if you mouse over them, the part info is there-but no outline.

Any ideas?

Or, is the pdf output in PADS Layout an "iffy" thing?