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    PADS Layout pdf output


      I have been trying to get pdfs out of PADS Layout that contain what I want, but I am having major issues.

      When I try to get a page with everything on the top silk layer, it seems that I can get all of the component ref des, attributes, plus free text & 2D lines, but not the component outlines.

      Or, vice versa-I get component outlines, but none of the other items.

      Also, I can't get all of the part outlines to appear.

      The same part type, placed 4 times on the board, will appear in 2 locations, but not the other two.

      The part is there-the pads are there, and if you mouse over them, the part info is there-but no outline.

      Any ideas?

      Or, is the pdf output in PADS Layout an "iffy" thing?

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          Hmm, this is the second time this topic has come up recently.  Are you using 9.5?


          Here is the PDF configuraiton I use for all my PCBs in 9.3.1.  I have no issues.  Other than my title block layers the layer definition should be the default layers.

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            I don't need "searchable" text from my pdf files. I use CAM output to "print" my pdf files to PDF995 (a pdf generator). If it prints ok to a laser jet (postscript emulation, shades of gray), I can get what I want by changing from the LJ to the PDF995 "printer" (www.pdf995.com). If you like color pdfs, that's available also.

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              jduquette-Yes I am using PADS 9.5 Layout/Logic.

              By the way, I have to plead ignorance-I am unfamiliar with the file extension of your zip file, so I don't know how to use it.

              I did open it in Notepad, so I could see that it contained configuration settings.

              Please tell me how to use your .pdc file.


              With reagrd to my pdf issues, I am attaching three examples-Examples A, B, & C.


              Example A was made with these settings-

              Board items-board outline, through holes plated and non-plated.

              Layer 26-(Top Silk layer)-Items on selected layer-2D lines, coppers, Ref des labels, part type labels, text, attribute labels.


              Example B was made with these settings-

              Layer 1-(Component side)-Through hole pads, component outlines top.

              Layer 26-(Top Silk layer)-same as Example A.


              Also, in Example B, the component outline ouput is inconsistant-I have 4 optoisolators in DIP4 packages (located at about 2/3 of the way from left to right, about half way down from the top edge of the board. The upper two are not visible, but the lower two are visible. I have used the same part in my library for all 4.

              In fact, there are numerous parts on the board whose outlines appear/don't appear in Example B. They can be seen in Example A because their pads and Ref Des info show.

              Using Adobe Reader, if you mouse over the board in both examples with the "hand", you will see the part info on the parts that don't appear.


              I also made an Example C, which is Example A plus Component outlines top to the selections.

              It looks the same as Example B-all of the Ref Des, part type and attribute label info is gone.


              This is some real wacky behavior.


              RLS2004-I don't need searchable pdfs, but it has come in handy here, to be able to see that the parts that don't appear really are there. I just want to produce a drawing to give to the mechanical engineer that will allow him to "see" the part layout, with mounting hole locations, etc.

              I can't understand the inconsistancies I am seeing.

              The same part type should either appear or not appear, but not appear in one place and not another on the pdf of the board.

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                You may need to open an SR on this one, but I have seen issues with different versions of Adobe, however those issues were dropping random lines in PDF output.

                This was a few years ago and output from Expedition and not PADS but many very random lines were missing in print to PDF, however if you tried again it seemed to work properly.


                We think we did determine it had somethign to do with line widths. I don't think it has to do with line widths here in PADS. Most Expedition users could

                define Zero as a line width, which later in versions most swithed to 1 mil. We think it was Adobe had issue with that.

                Your case is very wierd as it is dropping lines from specific parts and not random missed lines as might be suspected of a granularity issue on print.

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                  I haven't had time to look through your examples.  The PDC file is imported at <File><Create PDF>(Import Configuration - looks like a typical 'open' button) to define your layer definition for the PDF creation.  Youcan save your present configuration with the 'Export Configuration ' button that looks like a typical 'Save' button.


                  I agree an SR may be in order.  I believe the only issues I've heard with PDF are from people using 9.5 so something might have been broken.

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                    I'm using 8 mil lines on my component outlines, so I'll try changing some of the line widths on missing ones and see what happens.

                    I doubt if that will fix the issue of top silk layer items like Ref Des, etc. disappearing when I add component outlines to the pdf.

                    But I'll try it and see...

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                      Thanks, jduquette, I'll give that a try.

                      Sorry to be so ignorant about the pdc file-I figured it was an Acrobat configuration, just unsure how to use it.

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                        I imported your configuration, jduquette-same results.

                        Using your imported configuration, I found that when I select "Component outlines top" in the top silk layer, all of the ref des, texts, still disappear.

                        Even Top copper layer items like pads & vias go away.


                        I also tried changing line thicknesses as wolferm suggested-the parts missing still do not appear.


                        I am going to put in an SR.

                        As of right now, I have no way produce reliable documentation for my boards, except for exporting to a format usable in our mech software, Pro E.

                        This is just absurd!

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                          This definitely looks like it has issues.  I'm using Adobe Acrobat 6.0.  Example B reports an error ("An unrecognized token '-1.#J' was found.") and then comes up blank.  Example C reports the same error and then comes up with something to view.


                          Your earlier comment that some DIP packages appear and some don't when the same part is placed multiple times says this is a PDF generation bug in 9.5.


                          Will your license let you load 9.3.1 or 9.4?  You could ASCII out and reload the design in an older version and see if that works.

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                            Yeah, my Acrobat Reader "makes noises", too, when it opens these files-besides the one about not being able to find the "Magneto" font.

                            Funny, the font is right there in Windows on my machine.


                            I put in an SR yesterday, and I am in contact with Mentor about these "Create PDF" isuues.

                            The guy asked me to send him my design file, which I did.

                            With that, he'll should be able to see the exact process, and hopefully, either tell me what I'm doing wrong, or fix PADS.


                            I had never used PADS prior to early this year.

                            We just bought the ES suite earlier this year, so we don't have a version newer than 9.5.

                            Also we have an IT guy (with control issues, of course), so loading an earlier version without him is not an option.


                            But thanks for your help, jduquette!

                            I appreciate it.

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                              As a work-around, since you can't get the Create PDF function to work properly, go to cam and "print" to a pdf. I've used it flawlessly for over 5 years, makes really nice readable assembly drawings, etc. (Currently using Win7 and Layout V9.2.2)


                              Are you aware that component outlines, could be on ALL layers, top layer, top silkscreen, top assembly or some other layer? This depends upon who, and when, the decal (footprint) was made. Check your library.


                              I've been using pads layout since mid 1980's (DOS 2.3) but I have never heard of the .pdc file either! Thanks jduquette! Good luck with the Service Request!

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                                I don’t have a pdf generating application available right now, other than what is in PADS.


                                I am familiar with printing to pdf, but I wanted to give Mentor a chance with an SR first.




                                I have checked the parts/CAE decals/PCB decals to insure that the component outline is only on the top silk layer (where I like mine to be), etc.


                                I knew they were, since most of the decals I use were imported from my old PCAD2006 libraries.




                                Thanks for your suggestions, RLS2004!




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