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    Valor NPI - Solaris (SPARC) Discontinuation


      August 2013

      Dear Solaris (SPARC) Platform Customers:


      In  order to be responsive to our customers’ changing needs, the Valor  Division of Mentor Graphics continually re-evaluates its product  strategy to focus on product development that maximizes the value we  deliver. Occasionally this means restructuring our product direction  toward specific platforms or operating systems and away from others.


      As  a result of declining demand, the Valor Division will stop support of  the Solaris (SPARC) platform after the release of Valor NPI version 9.4  major/minor releases. We are targeting our next major release of the  Valor NPI around June of 2014.


      We will continue to support  Solaris (SPARC) for the Valor NPI version 9.4 major/minor releases, but  no Solaris (SPARC) related changes other than critical bug fixes will be  provided for Valor NPI versions 9.X released after June of 2014.


      Due  to this upcoming change, we strongly encourage you to start making  plans to move from the Solaris (SPARC) platform as soon as possible.

      Mentor  Graphics will continue its commitment to provide our customers the  finest in product innovation and support by delivering quality products  and enhancements running on the Linux and Windows® based computing  platforms.


      Your success and satisfaction are important to us. If  we can answer any questions, or provide any additional information,  please don’t hesitate to contact us.



      Max Clark

      Product Marketing Manager – Valor NPI
      Systems Design Division

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          The change of supported platform should be also announced through local support channel.


          Naoki Kobayashi

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            Notification of changes such as this have already been sent directly to customers that have filed a service request on Solaris in the last 12 months, a broad notification was sent via SupportNet emailed this week, the notification is also on SupportNet at the top of the main Valor NPI support page and finally it will be in the Release Notes when Valor NPI version 9.4 is released.


            In this case, the upcoming version of Valor NPI will continue to support Solaris and the notification is just a little under a year in advance.


            I hope with all this effort to notify our customers that ample time has been provided to prepare for the end of support.



            Max Clark