Resizing Refdes

Discussion created by charles.ietswaard1 on Sep 10, 2013
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Hello All,


I anm working on a script that will resize the RefDes so that it will fit in the placement outline. (More or less like it used to be in  BoardStation).


for each ComponentObj in ComponentsColl                                    

    set PlacementOutlinesColl = ComponentObj.PlacementOutlines        

    for each PlacementOutlineObj in PlacementOutlinesColl


    Height = PlacementOutlineObj.Extrema.MaxY - PlacementOutlineObj.Extrema.MinY

    Width  = PlacementOutlineObj.Extrema.MaxX - PlacementOutlineObj.Extrema.MinX




You can set the height of the Refdes by using the ComponentObj.fabricationlayertexts.format.height value but you can not set the width, you can only set the aspect ratio.

Has anyone a good suggestion on how to make sure that the Refdes wil fit in the assembly outline



regards, Charles