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    migrating projects from exp2005.3 to ee2007.2


      I have started migrating projects to ee2007.2 and am losing component attributes, xref attributes, and oats values in the resulting dxdesigner schematic - any one having similar issues?

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          I have not seen these specific issues.  Would it be possible to detail a little more about the size of the design you are migrating & the results that you are seeing?



          For example:


          • 25 pages w/ 3 levels of hierarchy

          • OATS in the existing design are used primarily for 4 reuse blocks

          • In the migration process REFDES OATS values are migrated but the XYZ values are not

          • The xref attributes do not come over at all


          Hopefully with a little more insight to your environment this forum can help you a little better.