Design corruption with DxDesigner 9.2

Discussion created by wallacer on Sep 24, 2013
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I need some help with a strange PADS/DxDesigner 9.2 problem. Multiple parts in one of my schematics are being repeatedly corrupted. The VALUE and PKG_TYPE fields seem to get swapped between two sets of components. Unfortunately, the PADS/DxDesigner tools don't detect the problem, and I didn't catch it originally until I ran a parts list after layout was complete. While I can repair the schematic by replacing the corrupted parts, and everything will be OK for a while, eventually the design seems to become corrupted again in a similar way. Here are more details:


The schematic is a reasonably large non-hierarchical design. Two sets of components are getting corrupted, eleven 10uF tantalum caps in a 3528 package, and eleven 0.1uF caps in a 0805 package. Their VALUE and PKG_TYPE fields get swapped, so the 10uF 3528 caps become 0.1uF 0805, and vice versa. All other fields in the corrupted parts are unchanged, so they pass design checks with flying colors. The corruption is visible both in the schematic and in the properties viewer. When this first occurred, I deleted all the corrupted parts, and replaced them from the library. Everything was fine initially, but I noticed a few days later that the problem had repeated with a different set of 10uf and 0.1uF capacitors, again eleven of each. I haven't been able to tie the corruption to anything specific I'm doing, so I'm kind of stuck. I could delete and replace every 10uF and 0.1uF cap in the design, but I have no idea if it would fix things permanently.


I can live with most bugs, but this sort of subtle design corruption has me really worried. I hope somebody has some ideas. Thanks.