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    Rectangle on connector node


      What is the rectangle on the node for the connector in the attached image?



      Rectangle on Connector.JPG




      Selecting the rectangle also selects the connector. 

      Is there a way to remove the rectangle without also deleting the connector?

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          Hi Brian,

          That box pops up when you are authoring a multi-entry connector and you are routing a bundle to an existing connector node, allowing you to snap the extra bundle on and allow you add different routes to each.


          multi-entry box.png

          In your screen-shot it looks like a connector node has been dropped mid bundle, which is not actually supported so I'm not sure how you got the design in to that condition or what you were trying to achieve.

          Can you please elaborate some more regarding your objectives here?



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            Hello Andy,


            In this particular case we have a fuse holder inline with a wire going to a ring terminal.

            It is necessary to show a wire coming in to one side of the connector and out the other.


            Is it possible to hide the rectangle that pops up?





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              Hi Andy,


              Sorry for the thread hijack. I've actually tried doing this in a job I'm working on. For some reason though, it will not generate a length for the wires within the new branch. Do I need to put something into the cells within the "route" table?



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                Hi Brian,

                I'm afraid the multi-entry connector 'snap box' cannot be hidden.

                You can change its size (maybe make it smaller) via  Connector/Shape parameters in Styling....but it needs to be there to enable the multi-entry functionality to work.


                Connector Shape settings.png


                The images below show alternate ways of modelling spliced-in devices but you could employ a similar approach (without the splices) by having a single entry bundle routing to the dummy connector that holds the device...


                Diode method 1.pngDiode method 2.png




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                  Please review this How-to video for dressed/multi-entry connectors...