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    Bug making properties visible/invisible?


      Using Add properties to assign ref des in sequence on a schematic, DxDesigner set the property name to visible, so the schematic had  Ref Designator=R2201 etc. on it.  (I don't remember it ever doing this before; normally it just sets the ref des.)


      To reset the Ref Des to normal mode, I selected all symbols using the filter to only select Symbols and then CTRL-A.  I then clicked the property name visible tick box twice (I'm not sure how to directly make it invisible, but twice makes it visible and then invisible.).  Then I clicked to make the property visible (it seems that making the property name invisible seems to also make the property invisible).


      I then found that I had a reference designator on every symbol on the page - including power taps, sheet connectors, border graphics etc.  Note that this doesn't only affect ref des.  It also does the same for value and other properties. (which crashes our PDM system when diodes and test points come through with properties that they shouldn't ever have)


      I assume that this isn't expected behaviour? Was it operator error?

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          The issue with the property name and value being made visible by Add Properties was logged internally by Mentor staff, unfortunately since it was logged we've been unable to reproduce it for engineering to analyze. You could say this is good news as it appears to have been resolved indirectly, certainly working with our latest version of software it appears this way. If you have a consistent way of reproducing the effect with a specific version of the software then open an SR with Customer Support and we can analyze it further.

          We're also looking at the issue you ran into when trying to correct the initial problem, but so far without success. Again, if you can consistently reproduce this log it with Customer Support.

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            We've retested this with the forthcoming VX.1/PADS 9.6 release software and cannot reproduce it based on several different scenarios and steps. It looks like this has been fixed indirectly as we suspected.


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              Thanks Rob


              I've already raised an SR for the bug which causes the property name to be visible when adding RefDes, with the scenario which always seems to cause the effect.  Hopefully they can test that in the new release too.


              I'd ask if there is an ETA for the new version, but in all probability I won't see it for a while after it's been released .  Is there a pre-release list of expected fixes/changes publicly available anywhere?


              (Update: Engineering have tested that and it is also fixed in VX.1  - now I can feel even more depressed about any delay between the release and being able to use the new version)

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                There's a list on SupportNet, which requires a log in



                but unexpected issues like this will not be included.