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slot number changes with REF DES assignment

Question asked by volain on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by Gary_Lameris

In DxDesigner/PADS 9.2 I've got a hetero component with 4 parts (HETERO 74LVC125,(74LVC125P))--I don't know what 'hetero type' this is.


I assign the PKG_GRP value =1 for all four instances on my schematic, and assign slot numbers 1-4 to each of the 4 instances.  The instance in slot 1 is symbol 74LVC125P, the other three are symbol 74LVC125.  When I run PCB Interface/Assign REFDES it assigns an identical REFDES to all four instances (as expected), but it changes the slot number.  If I go back and change the slot numbers, it resets the REF DES.


What am I doing wrong?