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    slot number changes with REF DES assignment


      In DxDesigner/PADS 9.2 I've got a hetero component with 4 parts (HETERO 74LVC125,(74LVC125P))--I don't know what 'hetero type' this is.


      I assign the PKG_GRP value =1 for all four instances on my schematic, and assign slot numbers 1-4 to each of the 4 instances.  The instance in slot 1 is symbol 74LVC125P, the other three are symbol 74LVC125.  When I run PCB Interface/Assign REFDES it assigns an identical REFDES to all four instances (as expected), but it changes the slot number.  If I go back and change the slot numbers, it resets the REF DES.


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Difficult to answer this without seeing the design or at least the symbols.  I'm not sure why this is occuring, but I do have a couple of workarounds.

          1.   Disconnect the current slots and move them into the desired locations.

          2.  View_PCB normally assigns slots and reference designators based on the order the parts are placed in the design.  Removing the current parts, packaging to reset the internal counters, and then readding the slots in the desired order should also achive the desired effect.

          3  Forward to the PCB, gate swap, and then back annotate to the schematic.