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    Spam from Tal Nimrodi




      I seeme to get a lot of email from Tal Nimrod via Linked In links.


      Seems a lot like spam, a bunch of repeated questions about if I ever saw a advertisement from about 10 years ago. Perhaps is is just a sales person trying to create "Chatter"?


      Any way to turn it off?



      Bob K.

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          Bob - thanks for the head's up. I have alerted Tal and she will address.

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            Hi Bob,


            To reduce daily 'chatter,' set your LinkedIn (LI) group communications to the weekly digest. You'll still receive PADS LI news, but it won't fill up your email box as quickly.


            Here's how to adjust your LI email settings:

            • At the top right of your LI pages (assuming you're logged in), you'll see your picture.
            • Roll over it and select Privacy & Settings.
              • Look for 'Communications' in the tab-box at bottom left.
              • Select Set frequency of emails > Group digest.
              • Alternatively, you can also set email frequency via the Groups tab.


            That being said, I do hope we'll still see you participating on the LinkedIn.




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              Sherry and Casey,




                FYI – Look at what these “Marketing Folks” are doing to your hard earned customers!








                If I read you correctly:




                You are telling me to collect the week of “Chatter from Tal Nimrodi” and then digest it in a “Once a Week Dump”. Did I get that right?




              And you also mentioned nothing about getting the source of junk (Tal Nimrodi) in the “Once a Week Dumps” to stop dumping in my linked in dump pile. Did I get that right?




              So it is my fault I get all these “Dumps” as I should only digest them in one pile once a week. You have got to be kidding.




              Do you know how hard Sherry and Casey worked to support me? Product info, license details, install problems … and so on.




              And now we cannot even ask Tal Nimrodi to stop leaving dumps on my linked in account. I don’t want to cut”Her off at the Links” because I still want useful information from Mentor, but we sure are making that difficult, right?




              Bob Kondner

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                I'm sorry you feel that way about Tal's chatter, Bob. Sherry and Casey are indeed hard workers, as is Tal. There is a better way to handle this discussion. I will contact you offline to discuss.

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                  After Tal Nimrodi now we have Brittany Bach in the Mentor Graphics PCB Design Software group in LinkeIn.


                  Same marketing approach... (even the picture looks in the same direction)