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    How to use connectors in Board Architect




      I'm really new to the Board Architect layout tool. I'm currently working on a sensor project that requires a small PCB that includes two berg connectors (1 2-pin & 1 4-pin). I was able to find these connectors in the connector library; however, I only see a single pin populate when I select the connector, regardless of the number of pins. Is this the intended design of connectors in Board Architect, or am I missing something? And if this is how it's supposed to appear, how do I assign each pin of the connector?





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          it really depends on how the symbol / geometry mapping was done in the library.

          There may be multiple methods to achieve this.

          Basically it may be done by using a single pin symbol mapped two times on the 2-pin berg, or four times on the 4-pin berg.

          Using Board architect as long as PCB-GEN is on, it should fill the pin_no automatically by adding the symbol to the schematic.

          i.e. related to the 4pin berg, first symbol will get REF J1 and pin-no 1, second will be again J1 with pin_no 2, then 3 and finally 4. If you place a fifth symbol will get new REF J2 and so on.

          If you want to preassign the symbol you put in the schematic you need to turn PCB-GEN off, then you add the four symbols, you change their REF to be the same for all the four (i.e. J1) and you assign each of them the unique PIN_NO.


          I hope it helps.


          Kind Regards


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            Thanks Marco! I was able to see the update once I ran pcb_gen. I just find it odd that the connector is not already packaged with the advertised amount of pins all ready to go.