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    Interrupt vectors in beaglebone BSP


      Hello All,


      I am working with the 2013.08 Ready Start Arm - trying to make some extensions to the beaglebone BSP.


      On looking at the BSP platform description - bsp/beaglebone/beaglebone.platform - I find that all of the configured interrupt vectors are two larger than

      - their descriptions imply they should be

      - the AM335x technical reference manual says they should be.


      For example, the tx_intr_vector setting for serial0 device is 74. The description on the other hand says - ESAL_PR_INT_IRQ72_UART0INT. The technical reference manual agrees with the description that it should be 72.


      My sample code works with the serial0.tx_intr_vector set to 74. Setting it to the supposedly correct value of 72 results in only a single character being printed from my sample code.


      This is rather odd. What is going on here? Is there an in build nucleus shift by 2 of all ISR vectors? (That should be documented somewhere)