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    Test point report




      I'm building my own report but still i havent fully figured out the Report Generation Language

      I want a list of the components assosiated with a net which has no testpoint


      i found this code in one of the examples





      # Pin recors for net SIGNAME

          FOR ALL PINS{

      BETWEEN 24

      MAXCOLS 4

      DELIMINT .






      but instead of doing that for all nets i just want those withou test points


      i tried replacing SIGNALS with SIGNOTP but it doesnt works. it only prints the nets without tespoints but not the pins


      please help




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          Have you considered not using report writer data and analyzing the nets directly in the design data?


          nets = pcbdoc.nets

          for each net in nets

               has_tp = false

               pins = net.pins

               for each pin in pins

                   if instr(pin.component.refdes, "ATP") > 0 then

                         has_tp = true

                         exit for

                    end if

                next pin


               if has_tp = false then

                   'add the net to the list of nets without test points

               end if


          next net    


          This may be overall slower than creating the report writer data and analyzing it, but you never have to worry if your report writer data is up-to-date or not.  But that difference would be measured in seconds for all but very large designs. Even then a minute or two would be plenty for such a script to go through an entire design.


          Many ways to skin this cat.  This is one of several methods that could work.


          Another thing to consider is that many objects other than an actual test point can often be used as test points.  Uncovered vias, some SMT component pads, some thru-pins, etc.  Depends on your company standards.  A comprehensive solution would include methods of evaluating all of these. Report Writer is probably not the best tool for gathering that kind of information. For example I don't believe RW can tell you if a via is under a part, but the Pick method in PCB automation can tell you this.


          I realize I'm not answering your question about how to work with Report Writer.  I hope this helps you get closer to a solution.