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    Automatic multiple PEX decks selection




      Consider two generated PEX decks. First one describes Metal x option A whereas the second describes Metal x option B.

      Option A and option B refer to different metal proprieties like thickness, permittivity, rsheet...


      PEX rule deck is obviously coupled to an LVS rule deck. The fact that Calibre checks all decks (LVS + PEX) at once makes the automatic selection of PEX rule decks impossible by internal triggers.


      That makes me think about using Calibre DESIGNrev layout peek feature before running Calibre PEX in order to perform automatic selection of the right option...


      Ladies & gentlemen...What do you think?





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          Hi! How would you use layout peek? Usually people have different pex decks either because it's a different process, or because it's corners for one process. Layout peek wouldn't help you figure out what the right process is. Instead, it would be better to use the multiple corner methodology, where you use the same pex deck which has all of the different corners in the rule file, then you netlist out either all corners, or just the one corner you want.

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            Hi Karen,



            In fact, using layout peek feature gives an idea about available layers in the design, which use a given process table. Starting from that idea, a PEX developer could write a Calibre trigger that selects the right process table after analyzing the design layers via layout peek feature.



            That works for me! 






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              I have seen a few requests for DRC to run checks based on the existence of certain layers. Your layout peek / trigger creation idea may be helpful to DRC users too. Thanks!