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    Connect two nets




      I know there are several discussions on this topic but I can't find a similar one to the test we made.

      We wanted to create a kind of assignment table for the IO signals of our CPU. There you can see the connection of all the nets from the different hierarchical IO blocks to the CPU nets on one single page (see short example image below). This is extremely helpful for our software programmers.


      As you can see there is a hierarchical block in between which connects two nets together like In1 <> Out1. In the block the two nets are shorted by a direct connection between the IN and OUT port (see following picture).


      By testing this in Expedition I know this works for EE7.9.5 Update 6. But I'm not sure if this "hack" is allowed and if there are any side-effects I didn't realize. Futhermore I don't know if this will be possible in future releases of EE. Do you experts have any advice for us or other solutions to solve this issue?



      Many thanks in advance,


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          I think it have no other sideback issue except that designer may don't know what is the flat net name until to layout. It's better that Viewdraw add Alias special symbol to alias net names.



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            Hi yanfeng,


            thank you for your response and the suggestion of aliasing nets.

            I checked this interesting method of shorting nets in the EE documentation. In my test project it correctly shorts the signals on the left side of the plug to the signals on the right side by using net aliases below the plug to short the signals. Also in Expedition the aliases are shown which is a nice feature to identify the net.


            But when I change the signal names and their order in the bus, only the "normally" ripped nets get disconnected due to the changes. The nets using aliases remains connected and gets linked to false bus rippers!! This is why I suggested the other method to short the nets. As you can see below the rippers are deleted correctly here...



            Hmm, so my question should be: is there a way to combine the advantages of both methods (nice signal aliases in Expedition and correct disconnection of rippers in DxD) ??


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              Hi Dannis,

              "|" character isn't the alias symbol. A alias special symbol is a graphics symbol with two port you can connect two different signal to each port and make alias,also you can set which signal name is winning value. Of course , there is no such special symbol in current Dxdesigner. I hope Mentor consider this requirement.


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                Hi yanfeng,


                sorry for my misunderstanding of your first advice. As I haven't heard about alias symbols in any of my EE trainings and never read about them, I did a search in my Mentor DxD Documentation and are only able to find a topic called "net aliasing". Therefore I thougth this was the thing you are talking about.

                Just before writing this message I did a new search for "alias symbol" on my DxD documentation as well as on support.net. But I can't find anything helpful that describes the alias symbol and the process of creating it. Can you please point me in the right direction and tell me were I can find information about the topic.



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                  you are right that Dxdesigner doesn't have the Alias graphics symbol which behaviors like what I described. Alias graphic symbol will be helpful to make design entry more easy, especially in a complex design where multiple designers work concurrently.  I have

                  Posted  the idea and other features Dxdesigner lacks of but  it be important. However it seems Mentor doesn't have interests in those idea , Mentor like to reband old stuffs instead of  doing some real works.


                  • 6. Net Alias

                    net alias

                    A name used to specify signal connections between unconnected wires or buses. For example, if you have wires in two remote locations in a schematic folder, you can assign each wire an alias such as "ABC" to connect the signals without physically drawing a wire between them.




                    how to do net alias in PADS mentor graphics???