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    Variant Problem(?) in DxDesigner 7.9.1


      On several of our designs we use variants. However on occassions we have to change parts.

      What we have noticed is that if you have a base part with variants setup then if you change the base part on the schematic, following packaging the variant parts are removed from the table.

      When using Design Capture we could change the base part and this did not remove the other variants from the table.


      Is this a bug in the way DxDesigner handles variant information and if so is it going to be fixed in a later release?


      Attached is a powerpoint file which shows more clearly the problem we are seeing.

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          This is actually done by design and not a bug. When a part is replaced and packaged the variant grid is updated and existing entries are removed for that part(s). As you can see the two parts replaced C8 and C9 are cleared and C4 kept its original replacement part. I assume C12 did as well if not replaced (not shown in the screed shot). This is due to the definition within matched conditions where during replacement conflicts could occur if not removed.  If a user replaces a part within Dx which contains a variant assignment they would simply have to reenter the grid and reassign the replacement part.  I hope this is helpful.

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            Hello guys,


            I wansn't even able to reproduce the problem. Actually, I checked on 7.9.5, and all the fields remained unchanged. Maybe this kind of behavior was changed/replaced/fixed in the latest release?


            have a nice day



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