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Getting / Setting project and board properties?

Question asked by mcrist on Dec 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by john_dube

I'd like to add some properties at the project level to help with managing design data and keeing it synchronized with external applications.  Most notably, I'd like to add a property to the project to set the last time that the design data was "synchronized" with an external application.  I'd also like to add a flag to say whether the project needs to be synchronized based on some of the available events.  Is there a way to set a property to a project through automation?  Likewise, is there a way to get those properties on a project through automation?


I'd also like to add properties to a board to help with the synchronization.  The external application has a unique identifier that I'd like to add to the board.  It looks like there are properties on a schematic, but one board can have multiple schematics.  Is it possible to add properties to a board?  Is there a set / get for these properties?


As a bonus question, how do you add properties to a schematic sheet that aren't in the drop down list of available properties?