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    Getting / Setting project and board properties?


      I'd like to add some properties at the project level to help with managing design data and keeing it synchronized with external applications.  Most notably, I'd like to add a property to the project to set the last time that the design data was "synchronized" with an external application.  I'd also like to add a flag to say whether the project needs to be synchronized based on some of the available events.  Is there a way to set a property to a project through automation?  Likewise, is there a way to get those properties on a project through automation?


      I'd also like to add properties to a board to help with the synchronization.  The external application has a unique identifier that I'd like to add to the board.  It looks like there are properties on a schematic, but one board can have multiple schematics.  Is it possible to add properties to a board?  Is there a set / get for these properties?


      As a bonus question, how do you add properties to a schematic sheet that aren't in the drop down list of available properties?

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          The question is a little unclear, perhaps this is the reason for no responses.


          Typically, properties of this nature are added to schematic border sheets, and use Settings / Border Properties and Tools -> Update Other Objects, Properties.


          You can add property definitions in the Central Library using Library Manager Tools -> Property Definition Editor.


          Since the borders are annotation symbols, they do not synchronize with any layout data.  You can use the Document.PutProperty method to set and Document.FindProperty to get board-level property values.


          Hope this helps.