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Custom properties

Question asked by nadovicc on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by robert_davies

I'd like to make custom properties on library parts that are editable.


For example, I have a symbol in a library. I want to add a FOO property

to the symbol that is editable by users of that symbol.


If I just do this, users won't be able to use the FOO property in the symbol

till they run the properties definition editor and add this FOO property to

the list in C:/.../standard/netlist.prp.


Is there any way I can create a local version of netlist.prp that's

automatically associated with a library?  Alternatively, is there some

way to make a preconfigured project template that has a pointer

to a local netlist.prp -- that way my users can simply start with this template and get

the right properties list. Or is there a place that DxD looks for a local version

of netlist.prp that overrides the C: version? Or can I set a KEY in a .prj file

pointing to this customized Z:/path/netlist.prp? I want DxD to use some other propeties

list along with my libraries, but I don't want to force people to jump through

hoops. What's the simplest way for users to use libraries that have custom properties

on an un-customized installation of DxD.


What I _cant_ do is alter the default installation of DxD which is controlled by our

IT app deployment people, so I can't edit C:/Mentor... in any way.  I can give my users template

projects and files that live other places than C:, but I can't deploy this on C: