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DxDesigner to PADS create netlist. How to prohibit DxDesigner to change any refdes

Question asked by e.ebner on Jan 17, 2014
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for one of our customers we have a special use case. Our customer creates his schematics with Altium, we have to meke the layout with PADS 9.5.

The designs are very complex, hierarchical designs with up to 30.000 parts.

The positive thing is that we are able to translate the Altium schematics to DxDesigener without problem.

In Altium there is no annotation, that means we have to assign reference designators in DxDesigner. This is also workin fine.


Our problem is that if we have to create a new netlist, (for example because there was a simple change in the schematic) DxDesigner changes various already assigned refdes.

Even if we do not change anything in the schematic and run netlist creation again, some refdes will be assigned ne or changed.


At the moment I have a design where only a net changed and after running netlister again more than 1000 refdes changed, although the "Preserve Previous REFDES Assigments" switch is set.


Is there a way to prohibit DxDesigner to change any refdes when writing a PADS netlist?


Thank you in advance.