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refdes instance values not created in blocks after forward annotation

Question asked by jtaylor on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by jtaylor

I have a hierarchical design that seems to be having packaging issue(s). Up to this point I have done only flat designs. PADs 9.5 update1/DxD.


The design is two level, with one block repeated 4 times in the top level. The block has refdes assigned at the block level. After running pcbfwd to PADs, all components show up as they should in the pcb, but with unique refdes.


Checking the schematic after forward annotaion reveals that refdes in each instance of the block are not updated to match the values assigned in the pcb. Back annotating does not alter anything on the schematic either. Pushing a block from the top level and looking at the refdes property of any symbol shows only a block value assigned. Pushing each block individually reveals that all the refdes match for a given symbol within the block.


Also of note:

* the block contains named nets. These are tied together between blocks in the layout (!!!) this is not the design intent

* type 4 hetero symbols that have otherwise worked in flat designs are packaged individually

* pcb.err shows many 6046 and 6049 notes (device conflict and duplicate slot, respectively)

* adding the Refdes Suffix=x (x= A, B, C etc) property to the block symbols on the schematic has no impact on refedes (Refdes Renumber = Refresh appeared after doing this)

* Assigning refdes at the top level does not change anything either


As far as I understand, having multiple instances of the same block within one design is intended behavior - and from what I have read here and seen in tutorials, Support net etc. it works for others using DxD.


My only thoughts are that the pads95.cfg file is not setup correctly - are the DoOats/BeginOatAtts/EndOatAtts required for this to work?

Or do I need to manually assing instance values to each block?


The crux of my query:

-get unique refdes back from layout on schematic

-uniquely identify each block on sch so when the full sch is printed, the seperate block sch can be referenced to its location

-hetero parts packaged correctly

-named nets not tied between blocks


Any help/input is greatly appreciated.