HyperLynx PI v9.0 PreLayout Distributed Decoupling Analysis - more detailed tutorial

Discussion created by bob.tarasewicz on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by cristian.filip

I am looking for a tutorial or appnote regarding Pre-Layout Distributed Decoupling Analysis that goes into more detail than the 30-min tutorial found on SupportNet ("HyperLynx PI: Running Pre-Layout Board Decoupling Analysis", MG576641, 14 Apr 2009).  That tutorial is pretty general and only shows a simple example of Distributed Decoupling Analysis.  The example in the simple tutorial shows a fairly minor difference between the Lumped Z profile and the Distributed Z profile.  I have been attempting to preform Decoupling analysis for an upcoming design, but I am seeing a significant difference between Lumped vs Distributed Z profile.  I am hoping that a more detailed tutorial will help me determine if my simulated Distributed profile is real, or if I am doing something wrong in my configuration of the pre-layout analysis.

Any type of detailed tutorial or appnote regarding Distributed Decoupling Analysis would be greatly appreciated, preferrable with an example of a design trying to meet a challenging Z profile target.

Thanks, Bob