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Not stuffed parts w/o VM

Question asked by Cadiat on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2014 by robert_davies



I'd like to use not stuffed (not placed) functionality in DxDesigner without Variant Manager. Is there any solution in DxDesigner (or perhaps DMS) to do that?


In our company it's quite ordinary that we place generic components for which we don't know value yet. For example, we know there might be a capacitor in proximity of certain chip, but it's not absolutely manditory on the board. However, we do like to have a footprint on the PCB in case we decide to place it later. When we were using DxDataBook, we could easily resolve this by creating virtual components with part number consisting of only zeros. But now we are using DMS (which won't allow multiple components having the same part number) and we can't do it the same way.


I'm sure others must be using similar "not stuffed" process. I wonder how are you managing this?