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    Nucleus RTOS application


      I am new to Nucleus RTOS and start to learn and write application for AM3358(Cortex A8) processor

      1. Is nucleus readystart run.compile and make binary files  on windows 7 without CygWin?

      2. Is Nucleus RTOS required every application to start with Main.c and run is own memory space? or Main is manage by OS and appliaction cretae a task inside the main?

      3. Do you have sample video or document for step by step by setp on anywhere? please send me the link

      4. Is teher any training available ?

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          Hello Ashley,


          Nucleus ReadyStart runs on Windows 7 and Cygwin is not needed.


          Please see the Nucleus Kernel Guide for information on how tasks are started from the OS, and the start function required to be in each task.  The scope is too large to try explaining it here.


          For a step-by-step guide on using ReadyStart, please see chapter 2 of the Nucleus ReadyStart ARM guide.


          There may be training available.  Please consult with your account representative for details.