Critical Caution DC to DXD Translator - "False" forward annotate to PCB

Discussion created by chris.smith on Apr 3, 2014
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Hello everyone,


We are in the process of finalizing everything for a transition from DC to DxD , and we recently came across some disturbing defects with the translator.

These might not be an issue for all customers but it's very possible seeing that it happened to over 2k parts in our library.


Before we start - Yes I have logged this and yes there is a DR. But I would want to know because this can create defective PCBs very easily

2612076162 [related DR: #01046587]


If we did not catch this issue 10% of the parts in our 20k+ parts library would have been damaged .I advise new users to verify

If you find this in your library file a SR/DR and help escalate this to be corrected asap.



Critical issue

Any DC Symbols with Symbol Type set as “unknown” will get incorrectly assigned

as Annotate and Forward to PCB as “False”.



Symbols in the schematic only list “Inherit From Definition”. This is extremely dangerous

and could potentially lead to no populated conditions, opens etc.

Design Capture - allows "Unknown as symbol type"


DxD Translated Values




There is no method that I can see that will warn you that if you use this part in a schematic

that the part will not be packaged and available . Aka Not placed in the PCB at ALL



We wrote our own internal automation that reads all symbols from designated partitions (skip power taps)
and changes the state from Y3 to Y1


This fix wastes @ 1hr every day vs. being able to translate & trust the translator engine.


C:\temp>dxdscript.p -p -d "C:\temp\MentorLib\SymbolLibs\Connector\sym"

C:/temp/MentorLib/SymbolLibs/Connector/sym/120DINF.1 swapped Y 3 for Y1

C:/temp/MentorLib/SymbolLibs/Connector/sym/1X30_CABLE.1 swapped Y 3 for Y1

C:/temp/MentorLib/SymbolLibs/Connector/sym/1X30_CABLE_180.1 swapped Y 3 for Y1