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DxD Verification for Forward to PCB settings?

Question asked by chris.smith on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by peter.kurlak

Is there currently any available method to Check for symbols with a non desired "forward to pcb" state or change?

I dont see anything in the verify or DRC checks.


For example:

A user creates a local symbol and changes the state to False, so they can package with a partial amount of the components etc?

Later on if the user forgets or resources change, we need some method to understand which parts are being skipped during packaging etc.


Example 2:
A users accidentially changes a state of a symbol to false etc.  (Currently you can change any symbol via properites)




Within DC it was 100% or nothing and most Engineering users hated this fact. Although I like the ability
of compiling and not holding users to the same standard, it would be optimal to be able to check these.