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    DxD Verification for Forward to PCB settings?


      Is there currently any available method to Check for symbols with a non desired "forward to pcb" state or change?

      I dont see anything in the verify or DRC checks.


      For example:

      A user creates a local symbol and changes the state to False, so they can package with a partial amount of the components etc?

      Later on if the user forgets or resources change, we need some method to understand which parts are being skipped during packaging etc.


      Example 2:
      A users accidentially changes a state of a symbol to false etc.  (Currently you can change any symbol via properites)




      Within DC it was 100% or nothing and most Engineering users hated this fact. Although I like the ability
      of compiling and not holding users to the same standard, it would be optimal to be able to check these.

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          Currently there is no way to search for components that have this flag set, nor is there a DRC check for it. See this Idea D7878 on the Ideas site and promote it if you consider it necessary.

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            Thanks Rob,


            I am still somewhat surprised that this is considered an idea vs defective condition. Creating a function that disables parts from being compiled and no method via search, DRC or API to check is very risky.

            This will force us to have to create  our own soltution again.

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              When this flag was originally implemented it was not envisaged that users would use it in this way, rather that it would be set by the librarian and left alone.Obviously this is not the case, hence the posting of the idea.

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                Understood & We appreciate the responses


                I cant speak for all customers, but for National Instruments; we have Engineers and technicians build hundreds of parts each year then they are submitted to Librarians for final review.

                Initially I can see this flag as being very useful for things still in motion and it prevents users from forcing them to have 100% active and coming from Library (aka progressive flow)


                For example:

                A user can be developing a schematic and drop in place holders for x components and still route wires, and name busses and nets & supporting circuits.

                While waiting for the parts to be added to the library flag them as false, continue w/ essentially a partial compile, and update local symbols w/master library parts later.

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                  I might suggest a different strategy...


                  For my library teams, or person, I have every part created with a Status property. In DxDatabook, this property is easily sorted on. Parts that are still in work are listed as Unapproved, but can still have symbols placed on the schematics. When Verification is done, the .dbc file can easily be setup to check for ONLY Approved parts, so Unapproved are flagged red. This keeps the engineers moving forward.


                  Once the part is completed with all of its sections, then it can be changed to Approved.


                  As you can see I also use Obsolete, where older parts are no longer available. I have automation that keeps the users from placing anything new on a schematic that is statused at Obsolete.




                  Maybe this helps?


                  Good Luck,


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                    Does Mentor evaluate the potential use of every single property before adding it to the automation layer? Was "Forward to PCB" explicitly excluded for some reason? If not, it seems like an oversight/defect.