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    Differential pair setup Usage in Hyperlynx



      I am using the Hyperlynx V8.2.1. In this, there is one option "Differential pairs" under the setup menu

      What is the purpose of it?

      Does it needs to be updated with the differential signals in the board under simulation? or it is for any other additional purpose?

      Any special consideration needs to be provided while using this option?


      How about the usage of this "Differential Pairs" when generating EBD models.




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          The Differantial Setup make Hyperynx know which two nets be  the differantial pair. For example, it will automatically select  the differantial pair while doing net selection. Literallym it should correctly export the differantial pair to linesim after differal pair setting be done. However, It does't behavior correctly, you still have to explicitely assign the models  to ICs to get work done.  Another negative effect is that net statistics will report  etch length as the sum of postive  and negative nets, it makes you can't check statics phase of the differantial pair.


          To generate EBD file, it's better to assign correct pin model.