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How to set in Schematics, Design Check rules in Design Capture 7.9.4?

Question asked by roma.bhagat on Apr 15, 2014
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I am using DC7.9.4 for creating schematics, and wanted to understand following:

1) Can we run some basic Design Rules Check in Design Capture for schematics, which detects errors like output connected to power, output connected to output, input connected to input etc?

2) If yes, then how do we initialise or use this feature?

3) Is there an App note on showing how to set DRC rules and how to get report file from this?

4) If DRC feature is not set, then how do we check the design for errors?


I have earlier used Orcad, wherein this DRC check option feature is available, and flags basic errors.


Pls do revert on my query at the earliest.