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Pin numbers, # attribute, from Dxdatabook

Question asked by lzuhars on May 6, 2014
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I can create columns with attribute headers in EXCEL for attributes in a symbol to make a DXdatabook library. In the values of the PBC properties attributes in the symbol I place a ? so the values in the DxDatabook appear in the DXDesigner schematic. When I place a part in the DxDesigner schematic from the Dxdatabook all is good. I have even created user attributes that propagate all the way to PADS layout using a customized netlist.prp and pads95.cfg.


In the symbol editor clicking on a pin invoke pins PCB properties. The pin number attribute is a # (a “system” attribute). For the value of the # attribute I can put an integer for a specific pin number or [1:x] so Dxdesigner will number the pins in order from 1 – x using the PCB interface tool. This all works good.


If I place a ? in the # value of the symbol, and a column with header # in the EXCEL sheet the value for the part will not propagate to the schematic # attribute value.


This is strange behavior as attribute values for the symbol propagate correctly. Am I doing something wrong? Does # map to something else in the EXCEL sheet? Will attribute values not propagate to the pins numbers? I have tried integers and [1:x] in the Excel spread sheet.