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    re: Power Planes


      New to PADS; have used Orcad Layout, Altium, etc. previously.  Issues with Planes. 


      What I need is an "un-pour" function to return the planes to the outline so the outline can be manipulated.  Issue right now is after pouring any change to the shape is discarded on the next pour.


      Related to this - when using mixed/split planes, do you use 2D lines or Plane Area to divide the layer?  From what I can tell you assign nets to split layers then use 2D, but having enough trouble with planes it is hard to tell...


      The remainder of place and route proceeding well...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Welcome to PADS Marc!


          We're glad to have you with us. Our community structure can be a little hard to navigate so I've moved your question here, to the PADS Layout community, where it will be easier for people to see it and respond.


          Separately, I'd love to hear about your experiences with other tools and find out why you chose PADS. Feel free to contact me directly or via LinkedIn.


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            you can use modeless command PO to toggle between outline mode and data mode , this applies to all "no-plane" layer types


            and for Split/Mixed use SPO command for outline mode and SPD command to data mode


            we can use the "Auto plane separate' option to separate the planes

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              Thanks for the help.  The SPO & SPD commands were what I was missing.  Had tried PO previously, but this did not work on my plane configuration.


              One odd thing is after changing the plane shape using the SPD command re-pours the original shape.  I have to go back through the pour manager to get the shape to draw correctly.  Non-ideal, but I can work with that...


              Thanks again.