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DxD / Expedition Global Package Installer?

Question asked by chris.smith on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by avjohn

Is there anyone within Mentor or customer who has experience with a recommended 3rd party installer for larger global deployments?

We are familiar with the current available XML & batch methods but we wanted to know if there is something better vs. the various pre-requirements, batch files etc

that is currently for Local and Client installs?



Our deployment situation:

180+ global users


Mixture of power users (PCB Designers, LIbrarians & Eng)

Lite users (Schematic editors, reviewing etc)


@ 60 users have local installs and the rest are all clients (exes on server - nothing local but shortcuts etc)

We deploy updates @ 1-2max per year across multiple countries, timezones (US, Penang, Hungary, CA, Boston, Germany...)


I prefer the flexibility of updating the server and "lite users" are essentially updated vs. 100 users being local.

but I am willing to explore the options if:


  1. Package creation is flexible - build a contained X and deploy w/ dependencies included w/ reg values etc.
  2. Runs well across all OS deployments inc. Windows 8 (yes i know not supported)
  3. Capable of simple updates vs. major uninstall and reinstall per revisions


Any thoughts or recommendations?