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    DxDesigner to PADS95 Layout



      Is it possible to take a schematic from DxDesigner Expedition and create a file that the PADS95 Layout tool can use to create a board?

      This question was asked to me and I didn't think it was possible, but I don't know the software tool that well to answer it. The packager does not give an option to create an ASC file, maybe the ASC file can be exported from DxD?

      thanks for your opinions.



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          You can't switch back-end tools on the fly like this if you created the Expedition project using the EE (integrated) flow. If you want to target PADS you create a net list project which has different properties on the components to those used in the Expedition integrated flow. You may retarget a netlist flow project to either PADS or Expedition or any other supported flow (but a net list Expedition project is not well integrated with the PCB tools).