Flotherm run error in new machine Win 7

Discussion created by zhangh1 on Jun 11, 2014
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I have got a severe headache on Flotherm run error and would seek your expert advice.


Flotherm is installed in new PC Win 7. Whenever I run Flotherm for a slightly large problem (mesh 500K to 1M), it often shows the following error after a few runs and stop.Typical dialog::


Projman.exe is not responding

->close the program.

->wait for the program to respond.


As a result, I have to close Flotherm and restart the Flotherm. Such problem occur so frequently. Even I restart PC it doesn't help.


BTW, I am a restricted user not administrator of this PC.I can run small mesh problem (<100K mesh) with little error. I have requested administrator to enlarge virtual memory but no help too.