Object ID for design objects in Expedition PCB

Discussion created by Andreas.Schaefer on Nov 18, 2008
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we have written a lot of automation software the last view years. One thing we are missing is a clear identification of the objects in Expedition.

Depending on the way you get the object, you get a different handle. E.g. if you pick for placement outlines, get one and ask for the component with PlacementOutline.Component the resulting handle is different than a Document.FindComponent(<RefDes>).



This is just  an example, that within automation it is impossible to figure out, wether two objects handles point to the same object.

On our way to a better self made design checking we would need a unique object ID. This would help to figure out, if an object already was checked or not.

As you can imagine, the ID has to be persistent when the design is saved and reopened. Only then you can write your own batch checks and save the result.

For a later selecting / view fitting when you review your design results, you need this ID to avoid a huge "re-identification" programming effort.