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    How to check last update & licenseing information?



      How to check whether my installtion is upto date or not before applying patch?

      I am using 7.9.3 & want to update with "update18", but not sure whether it is already updated or not.


      Also How I can see my license information?



      Prasad Kulkarni

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          It may be an answer too late in coming, but I saw your question had no replies so I thought I'd respond.


          There are several ways you can get the information about what update is installed. You could do a Help > About within one of the tools (such as DxDesigner), or you could run the Mentor Graphics Installation Program (Start >  All Programs > Mentor Graphics > Mentor Install) and choose the Remove Products option under Manage Software. Among the list of things you can select for removal you will find the update version. It will look something like this:



          Notice how the base release appears underneath the update. The most current installed update will always appear at the top of this tree, and the base & any previous updates underneath it.


          I'm not sure what you meant by 'how can I see my license information', but if you just want to see what licenses you've purchased, you can download your license file from SupportNet if you have a SupportNet login.


          Best regards,


          Ken Foster

          Mentor Graphics Customer Support