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    DXF Import 7.9.3 Expedition


      HI ,


      I'm using 7.9.3 Expedition for board layout.I would like to know,how to import DXF in Expedition as a board Outline.



      Kiran More

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          Hey Kiran


          You have to make shure that the DXF you want to make your board Outline i one Poligon and not seperat segments of lines.


          1. ues the Join and Creat Polygon butten to Assembly your DXF to one Polygon. (can be tricky)
          2. Managed to do that ? now you have to make shure that underPolygon.JPG



            Edit --> Modifye  --> "Allow Cell Graphic Edit"   is enabled

          3. Select your Polygon and switch its Drawing Type From "Drawing Object" to  "board Outline"




          good luck

          Regards Christopher

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                    Instead of importing dxf and using this as board outline ask IDF emnemp from the mechanical team and import to PCB so that the board outline will come as such

            and you will not be able to modify this . The hieght restriction all the data come as such

            even while exporting the dxf if it is exported as a single entity it will not split into segments




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              If you can’t get an IDF file and your DXF is segmented then use the Outline Optimizer within Smart Utilities!



              Regards Anders Thomasson

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                       If you were no able to get the IDF file open the library manager go to cell editor and select mechanical cell ceate a new mechanical cell in the cell editor import the dxf file and set origin at the bottom left most corner now save and close now  place the mechanical cell use place option

                now either you  can set the origin at the bottom left by finding the bottom left point in the dxf

                now ensure that the dxf is imported as a closed object if some dis continuities in segment if segment of lines are not closed fill option will not de enable

                if it is having separated line segments merge the segments to a single object now if fill option comes you can double click on the line by pressing control key

                you can copy the object and change to board outline but while importing to cell editor ensure the unit mills or mm

                if the board outline is definite shape just draw the shape but for customised shape go for the import option

                you can also use the default origin and move the cell to the origin by using snap point