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    What type of  board-level tools be welcomed?



      Next  generation Board-level tool suite should cover every aspects of board design, such as desing entry, physical P/R, SI/PI simulation, Thermal simulation, data output and DFx check and FPGA design, also supporting the collaboraiton. To make those tools work seamleslly,  unified data model is a must, also tools have similiar GUI to easy of use.  Is there a board-level tool suite similiar to Microsoft Office? Is there an EDA infrastrure similair to Microsoft Backoffice?



      As a user, I wish this type of board-level tool suite emerge soon and wish EDA vendor to dopt XML as the data format, to adopt  SQL Database as the backbore. I believe that only the tool vendor who do revolution wil be the winner.









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          You are asking a good question. "A board-level too suite that covers every aspect of board design"...  I know it can become quite lengthy to get specific when explaining what it means "every aspect". On the other hand its also pretty generic to say "every aspect".   Where does "every" begin and where does it end?



          From a pure board design perspective its still fairly clear. One could say "every tool for creation, analysis and validation" that is required to get a PCB out. And that would stop pretty much with teh creation of ODB++ and raw data for manufacturing. Thats what a design team needs... ok.   But is that really what a company needs? If you look at the real objective, it will mean "everything that is required to minimize the time from design definition to new product introduction". Now its getting interesting, because that is where the designer view ends and the CTO look starts.  Which view is the one you are focusing on?



          Another question for you: Assuming there would be an infrastructure combined with an integrated design flow that would meet .. lets say ... 80-90% of your needs today right away, would you (i.e. your company) be willing to drive change, to replace existing tools, to change methodology, mindset and habits?... I am sure you know what I mean.



          In summary: Yes, there is a solution, combined with a strategy to fill remaining gaps at some point in time. But.. there is no free lunch. You (i.e. your company) must be willing to drive change from within to take advantage of an integrated solution. It requires an internal sponsor (senior management) to align all the teams you mentioned below: engineering, designer, FPGA design team, analysis team, EMI team, Mechanical design, IT, and .. last but not least.. manufacturing.






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            Hi Joe,


            Today, Every best of point tool in PCB design only covering 90% requirement. Let's suppose there are nearlly ten point tools in an enterprise flow, so user only get 38% ( requirement covered after they migrate to a new breed of solution. This is the barrier Customer consider to migrate thier Platform!