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How to use symbolic libraries from DxDesigner 2005.1.1 in PadsFlow9.5 DxDesigner?

Question asked by xxiong on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by xxiong

Hello everybody,

Our company used DxDesigner 2005.1.1 with PADS2007.2 more than 6 years.

We did not have symbolic Central Library, each project had its own symbolic library.

Now we bought Pads Flow 9.5, which DxDesigner User Manual mentioned that it can work with symbolic library, but let's go with DxDataBook, and that's it.

Proposition from Manual to start from the scratch for creating symbolic library with DxDataBook is not acceptable for us at this particular moment.

How we can convert/use our quite extensive symbolic libraries from DxDesigner 2005.1.1 to PADS Flow 9.5 DxDesigner?


Sergey S.