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    PADS Layout: concurrent modifies to library


      Hi all,


      we want to understand how PADS Layout manage access to library stored in a server folder.
      We've tried to edit one component contained in a library from two different workstation at same time and we saw that only the last modify was correctly saved, without any warning or any error from PADS.


      Is that correct? Does anyone noticed the same issue and resolved it?


      Thanks in advance.
      Have a nice day.



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          Eek!  I've always wondered about that.  Luckily we have a small team so it hasn't been an issue.  I know you can set 'read only' access to the library in the Library Manager; I don't know if they have any better options.  I keep my libraries under version control (TortoiseSVN) in case I have to restore anything.

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            Because the library must be a single file, and all users must be able to access that single file concurrently,users can edit the same part at the same time.  The library file is saved each time a user saves a part.  So of course, only the last edit to a specific part will be saved.  If the library were built like  a database, with each part it's own record, this could be controlled.  But it's not so, yes, the problem has no resolution.  I've been bit by that one also.  Read only doesn't help if you need to give multiple people access to libraries.


            We have designated just a few people as librarians with write access to the company library.  If anyone else needs to build or modify a part, tehy do it in specified working libraries.  The librarians will then approve the part and move it to the company library.  The librarians just haev to communicate regularly.



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              Pete is correct as to the behavior of the unmanaged libraries with net list projects.


              You may want to take a look at the Central Library with integrated projects in PADS VX - you have more control of the "master" library.