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    Zeland IE3D, Nimbic nWave Etc


      Recently, I have asked many collegues about what SI/PI tool they like and what features they are looking for. Most of hardware engineers told me they love Hyperlynx for it's easy-to-use and some of them say they need the tool have a feature to support to precisely analyze roughness effect, fibre effect, BGA breakout effect, bakdrill effect etc. I let them to try Simbeor. Late they told me that simbeor is the tool they wanna have in hand. I also asked SI/PI engineer, they told me they are using Ansoft HFSS and Agilent ADS and satisfied with the tool's accuracy, speed and capacity and GUI but they also have a concern about uncertainty of simulation result from 3D solver, so they used to use comparison between  simulation result from Ansoft tool and r simulation from ADS or other 3rd tool.


      When I asked whether they like to try IE3D, they said they don't know it.  I don't say more to them because I knonw IE3D have poor GUI, slow solver speed, poor interface with EDA database, poorest .... and I know no people in IE3D's development. For nWAVE, I don't know much but I know key stuff  leaved before Mentor's acquriment.


      I don't understand why Mentor taken the dicision to buy Zeland and Nimbic. But, I think Mentor should buy Simbeor a.s.a.p and let thier Hyperlyx user to know what is the roadmap about nWave's development.



      My two cent only



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          My suggestion about to make silos to a big scape:




          Hyperlynx Thermal Analyzer(Hyerlynx Thermal)


                It should  adopt CFD solver. The simplest way is just using Flo.pcb and rebanding it.


          Hyperlynx SIPI



          Continuelly improve it. Consider to adopt Hyerlynx DRC's object browser, do menu consolidation, and make Hyperlynx SIPI as a data hub to better intergration with all Hyperlynx X products. Hyerplynx EM(Zeland) also included as a legancy



          Hyperlynx  EMC(Hyeperlynx DRC)


                 continuelly improve it.


          Hyperlynx Channel Analyzer (Simbeor)



              Buy Simbeor and arget this  tool on pre-layout analyis of GHz channel, material  characterization  and post-layout valification of  the GHz channel passive characteristics. Also consider to add an open-source 3D FEM into it.


          Hyperlynx Full WAVE Enterprise(an new holistic 3D cloud solution, patially based on Nimbic technology)


                 An private or public  cloud platform ,both PaaS and SaaS.


          Hyperlynx CoWoS Analyzer(based on Nimbic)    


              focus on Chip-pacakge-board co-design. An open source 3D FEM solver added












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            Unfortunately, It seem I can't get aproval for evaluation since this post.



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              I guess Nimbic's DC -drop solver now be in Hyperlybnx as first fruit of Nmbic acquirement. I hope Mentor reply me.

              and I don't think keep silent is fair


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                I bet Mentor will acquire Simbeor within 9 months. Stay for tuned~