Zeland IE3D, Nimbic nWave Etc

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jul 29, 2014
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Recently, I have asked many collegues about what SI/PI tool they like and what features they are looking for. Most of hardware engineers told me they love Hyperlynx for it's easy-to-use and some of them say they need the tool have a feature to support to precisely analyze roughness effect, fibre effect, BGA breakout effect, bakdrill effect etc. I let them to try Simbeor. Late they told me that simbeor is the tool they wanna have in hand. I also asked SI/PI engineer, they told me they are using Ansoft HFSS and Agilent ADS and satisfied with the tool's accuracy, speed and capacity and GUI but they also have a concern about uncertainty of simulation result from 3D solver, so they used to use comparison between  simulation result from Ansoft tool and r simulation from ADS or other 3rd tool.


When I asked whether they like to try IE3D, they said they don't know it.  I don't say more to them because I knonw IE3D have poor GUI, slow solver speed, poor interface with EDA database, poorest .... and I know no people in IE3D's development. For nWAVE, I don't know much but I know key stuff  leaved before Mentor's acquriment.


I don't understand why Mentor taken the dicision to buy Zeland and Nimbic. But, I think Mentor should buy Simbeor a.s.a.p and let thier Hyperlyx user to know what is the roadmap about nWave's development.



My two cent only