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Decals editing disabled after license detection error

Question asked by song.lin on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by song.lin

Hi, I am using PADS VX version. In my current design, I built some components in a customized partition in central library. Today, after I locked my PC (Windows 7 64bit Pro) for some time (the PC could have gone Sleep Mode) with xDX Designer, Decal Editor and Symbol Editor running, there was an license detection error after I logged in again. There were many pop-up windows saying license detection errors and I had to force some PADS programs to close. However, after I run the  xDM Library Tool again, all the decals in the customized partition couldn't be edited anymore, as shown in the picture attached. Decals other partitions can still be opened and edited. Would anyone please advise how I can solve this problem?