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    Missing components from 3D XML




      I have situation where 10 straps are used in 3D model but only 8 of them are Bridged to Vesys from Creo via 3D XML, and when see 3D xml found below conflict between the same part. Can anyone help me to fix this issues? I used same way to constrain all straps.



      <fixing id="Fid84292754-101946" displayName="CL-101946" name="47627196_WIRE.Fix.101946" partnumber="84292754" fixingType="clip">

            <property name="CHSFIXINGTYPE" val="CLIP" type="String" stability="editable"/>

            <Location id="Location.84292754.101946" bundleRef="Bid811081-1364285">

              <bundleLocation offsetparameter="1.00" offsetnoderef="start"/>



          <mlc id="Mlc84292754-101951" displayName="CL-101951" name="47627196_WIRE.MLC.101951" partnumber="84292754" type="node" quantity="1.0" >

            <property name="CHSFIXINGTYPE" val="CLIP" type="String" stability="editable"/>

            <location >

              <nodelocation id="NodeLocation.84292754.813967" bundleRef="Bid813967-1365137">

                <bundleLocation offsetparameter="0.00" offsetnoderef="start"/>