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    Regarding extreme PCB



      Hi Folks,



      Can anyone tell me



      "Which version of Board station RE supports extreme PCB and From which release of Board station RE this extreme PCB or TEAM PCB option is available?"






      Thanks in Advance,



      Sarath Kumar



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          Hi Sarath,



          I think BSRE doesn't support Xtremepcb option, it only in Board Station XE Flow. Maybe from BSXE 2006, Xtremepcb is availbel to customers. We have used Xtremepcb for 3 years, it is very excellent. I recommed you migrate to up-to-date Board Station XE  which is more stable and having cool features.






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            Board Station RE  has supported Xtreme PCB for many years.  I think this goes back to the 2004 version. 



            Once you have the BSRE data set generated from BSL, you simply launch the Xtreme Design Session on this data set then your able to start attaching to this session with multiple BSRE Xtreme PCB Clients.  A BSRE Xtreme PCB Client is exactly the same as normal BSRE but uses a Xtreme Client licenses. 









            Jerry Suiter



            Product Marketing Manager Expedition / Xtreme PCB



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              Hi Jerry ,



              Thank you for the quik response.



              I got an other query regarding a translator i found in Suppror net.



              "I have found a Translator which translates Mentor Board station database to Mentor Expedition flow. It is asking for the path of installation folders of both mentor Board station and Mentor Expedition PCB.



              I have Mentor Expedition PCB installed in my PC and i do not have Board station installed in my PC. 



              Board station is being installed in UNIX.



              How can i set the path for both of them in config file"



              Please suggest.



              Thanks and Regards,









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                The translator runs routines in both product flows (Boardstation and Expediiton). In order to complete the translator you are going to need to have both Expedition and Boardstation Flows loaded on the same PC. Also, the translators are only available for the Windows environment, so you will need to run them on the PC versus the UNIX environment.