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    DxDesigner special symbol not found


      Dammit, Mentor, WHY do you make everything so difficult!!!!???


      I'm trying to create a hierarchical design.  I've got my block schematic, and my upper schematic.  I can push into the schematic just fine.  I've mapped my libraries.  I've assigned my special symbols.  But when I try to add a port to my block, I click "special components", select "IN", the three selections pop up: common:in.1; common:in.2; common:hier_in.1, but when I try to select any of those I get the message:


      The specified symbol was not found: common:hier_in.1


      Please add this symbol to your search order, or chose another symbol.


      The symbol is in the library, I CAN SEE IT, why can't DxDesigner?


      If I can't add a port, there's no connectivity between my top level and the lower level.


      Please help, I'm dead in the water here.