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DxDesigner special symbol not found

Question asked by volain on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by volain

Dammit, Mentor, WHY do you make everything so difficult!!!!???


I'm trying to create a hierarchical design.  I've got my block schematic, and my upper schematic.  I can push into the schematic just fine.  I've mapped my libraries.  I've assigned my special symbols.  But when I try to add a port to my block, I click "special components", select "IN", the three selections pop up: common:in.1; common:in.2; common:hier_in.1, but when I try to select any of those I get the message:


The specified symbol was not found: common:hier_in.1


Please add this symbol to your search order, or chose another symbol.


The symbol is in the library, I CAN SEE IT, why can't DxDesigner?


If I can't add a port, there's no connectivity between my top level and the lower level.


Please help, I'm dead in the water here.