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    PCB Systems Design Feedback




      if you open community and follow the threads, in the new page you have no indication if any thread has been answered or commented.

      In the first attached picture you see that in MGC this info has to be guessed.

      In an example of another board, you see that the user sees how many answers there are and who and when commented.


      Can you please improve the site to add this important information.




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          Matija -- thanks for this feedback. It is a good suggestion. I will explore to see if we have a setting we can adjust or widget we can use that might help improve this information. If not, then I can see if this is scheduled for an upcoming release.

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            Matija - Actually I just realized this information is available. When you are in any community (or sometimes called a 'space') select Content near the top of the page for that community, filter by the content type you are interested in (in the pictured example I have selected Discussions), then look for the Replies icon and it will indicate the # of replies for any pieces of content. Hope this helps. Let me know if any other questions. Appreciate your involvement in the Mentor Communities.


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