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    Graphics card on NTB (which one)


      Hello all,

      can you please help me to choose the graphics card to my new notebook... not to have a problems with performance, driver..... (or minimum)(best supported)?


      1) I can choose the NTB with integrated graphics card on chip (HD4600.....on Intel Core i7-4810MQ) AND AMD FirePro M6100M w/2GB GDDR5




      2) either integrated HD4600 OR.... AMD Radeon HD 8790M 2G GDDR5




      3) without integrated graphics card .... NVIDIA Quadro K1100M w/2GB GDDR5 or NVIDIA Quadro K2100M w/2GB GDDR5 or AMD FirePro M5100 w/2GB GDDR5


      I would prefer NTB with the option 1 but I'd like to know some experience , known issues, troubles... to better decide.

      Can somebody recommend me the the best solution?


      Many thanks


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          Our internal performance testing shows that NVIDIA has an edge in performance with the Xpedition PCB product.  In general I would stay away from the Intel Graphics integrated graphics and get an AMD or NVIDIA graphics solution.  Depending on the amount of graphics you have you will not see much difference in performance between a K1100M and K2100M solution for 2D graphical display.  With VX.1 3D support however you will see about a 20-30% improvement in performance (frame rate) using the K2100M.


          One Note, with NVIDIA we did have some performance problems last year based on a graphics driver change.  I am pretty sure this is not a problem specific to NVIDIA but just be sure your using the latest NVIDIA drivers and settings as we have defined on the Graphics Hardware community.



          Jerry Suiter

          Product Marketing Director

          Xpedition PCB

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            Good afternoon Jerry,


            Many thanks for your help (email).




            Best Regards



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              Hello all,

              I started to test a new workstation with the AMD FirePro M6100M... and I have some experience:

              I've installed 7.9.5 up 23 + DC flow with up 5.


              I have a problems which are all related to add-in modules - 3D_viewer and SMART UTILITIES.... both I'm used to use in my designs.

              1) not to be able to invoke the cell editor I had to remove the smart utilities (process was started but no window invoked)


              2) to be able to run 3D viewer  I had to set the "high performance" option in graphics card setting.

              But after a few minutes or click the program is opened the graphics card make my display black for a few second. Then the display go back with a message that graphics card is recovered after..... and I have shut down the not responding app.


              Strange, I don't what can be the main problem.... x64bit system, scripts used in this tools (smart utilities, 3d viewer), graphics card..??


              If somebody has an idea I'm opened any opinion/help




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                We run Linux RHEL6.5/DellT5500/NVidia Quadros - versions from 2007.9.1 thru 795.

                The only issue we've seen, especially w/the 3D viewer, was when OpenGL was enabled.

                Have you tried disabling that?


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                  Good morning Mike,

                  the behaving with the OpenGL on is the same.