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Graphics card on NTB (which one)

Question asked by MaBUa on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by MaBUa

Hello all,

can you please help me to choose the graphics card to my new notebook... not to have a problems with performance, driver..... (or minimum)(best supported)?


1) I can choose the NTB with integrated graphics card on chip (HD4600.....on Intel Core i7-4810MQ) AND AMD FirePro M6100M w/2GB GDDR5




2) either integrated HD4600 OR.... AMD Radeon HD 8790M 2G GDDR5




3) without integrated graphics card .... NVIDIA Quadro K1100M w/2GB GDDR5 or NVIDIA Quadro K2100M w/2GB GDDR5 or AMD FirePro M5100 w/2GB GDDR5


I would prefer NTB with the option 1 but I'd like to know some experience , known issues, troubles... to better decide.

Can somebody recommend me the the best solution?


Many thanks