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Getting an error while following a tutorial

Question asked by a_tta on Sep 18, 2014

Creating a new Part Type using the PCB & CAE Decal Wizards


I was trying to follow this tutorial of creating a new part, but when I reached the last step I received an error:


Error: Duplicate pin number 7 on Gate A, Logical pin 1 and Gate A, Logical pin 7.

Error: Duplicate pin number 8 on Gate A, Logical pin 3 and Gate A, Logical pin 8.

Error: Gate A Decal LM2675 has 6 terminals but gate definition has 9 pins.



Not sure how to resolve this. I think it may have something to do when I created the layout in the drafting toolbar wizard in step 2. There is no SOIC tab like in this picture


Instead I tried to select SMD as the device type, and then under Decal Calculator, changed the Package type to SOIC.


Another difference is in this picture

It shows 8 pins, but mine shows a 9th one in the center.


Not sure if any of these changes are connected the problem, and any feedback would be appreciated.





EDIT: I resolved this problem by deleting the part and recreating it. Still not sure if the layout was created correctly, but the schematic no longer gives an error when saving the part


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