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how to reuse the trace /via/placement without netlist fromone board to another in PADS 2005 or PADS 9.5??

Question asked by kabaleeswaran.K.R on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by kabaleeswaran.K.R

Hi everyone, i need to reuse the number of via and trace and some placement (same reference designator) from one board and i need to keep it another board.because in both the design Power circuit is same so i need to keep the same placement as well as via stitching .but some where i need to keep same via stitching but not same net (i need to copy trace widht and via stitching from 3.3v section to 5V section.) is it possible in reuse method.??Finally i need to reuse the trace or via or placement with out netlist part is it possible ??