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    Reg:IBIS AMI model analysis



      I am doing IBIS-AMI model analysis for the serdes interface.Driver has programmable differential voltages.Initially i was run the IBIS-AMI analyzer,it resulted some eye diagram.Later on i changed the differential voltage parameter in the IBIS-AMI Parameter editor,but the simulated result always showing the previous result only.i.e irrespective of differential voltage parameter in the IBIS-AMI Parameter editor , the simulated result is taking one values only.Can anyone help me in this,whether it is due to model problem or some settings to be changed in the hyperlynx tool.





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                  I am also facing this error while doing simulation with ami models

          is the ami model is like ibis or an ibis file with the dll file called in the ibis file

          if it is having the dll file linked to it will not allow changing the differential voltage in IBIS-AMI parameter editor   i think so