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    2 ODBSetup files in .\PCB\Config

    Wim Creyghton

      Why are there two ODBSetup files in the .\PCB\Config directory?

      One has extension .ocf and one has extension .eocf.


      The .eocf file has 3 more lines in the file:

      .SchemeChanged No

      .Scheme "ODBSetup"

      .SchemeLocation "Local"


      Which file is used by Expedition EE7.9.5.?





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          I don't have an answer, but I've run both ODB commands and both files get generated so 795 uses both.

          I went back to a 791 design and only the .ocf exists, so apparently the .eocf is new.

          I think it's an artifact of an ODB transition where they will be using .eocf but still rely on the .ocf.

          The answer may be in the next release.